Why is home insurance needed?


As our homes are the most important asset that we are ever going to own, it is imperative that adequate home insurance is taken out for your property. You will never know when you will need to claim under your home insurance so it is best to make sure you are covered properly.


Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the UK will get burgled during their lives but people still choose to ignore this and don't get any protection whatsoever. Other unforeseen circumstances such as floods and fire may also wreak havoc among your possessions and by not getting covered properly you are taking a big risk in losing out financially.


There are two types of home insurance; Buildings insurance and contents insurance. Buildings insurance is a mandatory condition when taking out a mortgage and lenders will insist that this insurance is in place. This will protect the house being damaged from events which cannot be repaired.


Contents insurance is not usually a mandatory requirement when taking out a mortgage, but it is important that your possessions are covered as it could be extremely costly should you have to replace anything.


Remember, there are many home insurance providers out there and looking for the best cover for your house is important because after all they are your possessions and looking after them should be paramount.